Nomen Nescio

Nomen Nescio

zaterdag 28 mei 2011


Oh wat een heerlijk machien. Letters uitlaseren kan mij echt intens gelukkig maken. Zeker als ik scheldwoorden of ander leuks kan laseren. Deze zijn voor op de toiletdeur.

vrijdag 2 juli 2010


I couldn't crash Werchter and it's hot as hell.

So, drinking mojito's and eating mozarella-tomato is perfect.

She my friend, she's Lolita ... and she wears a turban <3


woensdag 30 juni 2010

Fnac Fotomarathon

This saturday it was the Fnac Fotomarathon. Last year it was in Bruges, this year you could choose out of Antwerp and Brussels. We chose Antwerp. We is me and my ex-boyfriend. This may sound weird. But I don't think about it in that way.
The marathon starts at 9 in the morning. No need to say we were both sleeping when we started. Oh boy. And the coffee we got from Fnac wasn't coffee but water with some coffee.

But although sleeping, we won with the first theme ( there are 4) "Couleur Locale". I wanted to go to the Kaaien, I like it there. Apparently, it had been Pink Friday the day before so when we saw the SinksenFoor, it was covered with pink balloons and other stuff. So we took some pictures with pink balloons we threw in the air. I like movement and blurriness in pictures, so these are my versions, Koen 's version is much cleaner, I like it very much ( But hey, I threw the balloons:)

At the end of the fair I found paper balloons with rainbow colors. As most of you know I come from a town where Carnival is Carnival with a big C (Aalst). So I adore putting stuff on my head and looking like an idiot. That's what I did for fun. Koen wanted a picture of that and apparently it was a fun picture and it won the first theme price! You can find the picture on Koen's Flickr:

I also took some pictures of the "Vitrine" exposition in Antwerp, organised by the Flanders Fashion Institute. We came across the store of Elsa. Her self made show window was sublime! I loved it very much. The voyeuristic, black and white, fluorescent and a little bit of vanitas (the skeleton). So the second time we walked by we asked the attendant if we could take some pictures. The friendly lady made a call to ask if it was permitted and we took some shots. The skeletons moved slowly with their fluo shoes on.

Here are some other pictures I took that day. Life is Fragile, see you soon! X